• The Brand

    NIRAV MODI is a brand built on the values of quality, design, innovation and craftsmanship. Each jewel is crafted to make it a treasure to be cherished over generations. From conception to final execution in precious materials--excellence is every NIRAV MODI creation’s hallmark. With a penchant for passion & design, NIRAV MODI embodies the thirst for perfection.

  • Founder

    Born to a legacy of diamonds spanning three generations Nirav Modi was brought up in Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world. With a diamantaire father and interior designer mother, Nirav imbibed the best of both worlds—jewellery and art—from an early age. Evident in the NIRAV MODI brand philosophy and in its jewels, this influence is what determines the brand's aesthetic direction.

  • Heritage

    A deep association with art and an unwavering commitment to quality is the brand’s heritage. The founder Nirav Modi himself belongs to a diamantaire family and is thoroughly in sync with the diamond industry. With the strength of Firestar Diamonds bolstering it, NIRAV MODI has control at every stage of the jewellery manufacturing process, from mines to the market. This gives the brand great advantage over diamond quality and only the best diamonds are selected to be NIRAV MODI diamonds, regardless of the value of the finished jewel.