About Us

Our Approach

We continue to build Firestar Diamond on a foundation of unwavering focus on excellence, ethical in values and fairness, and uncompromising spirit of meritocracy.

With a passion for customer delight, Firestar Diamond consistently strives to deliver maximum value and build long-lasting relationships. While customers are central to our work, we are also acutely aware of our responsibility to team members. Accordingly, we consistently offer conduct high-quality training programs and workshops that enable all associates to develop professionally and fulfill personal potential. Above all, our commitment toward recognizing and promoting high merit has helped us attract and retain the finest talent.

Our sense of responsibility to the larger community has inspired us to become active members of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and reemphasize our commitment to using conflict-free diamonds.

The Kimberley Process is a global public-private initiative, instituted to prevent trafficking in diamonds that has fuelled conflict and inflicted atrocities upon innocent populations. As a responsible citizen of civil society, Firestar Diamond has applied stringent policies and checks to ensure that all our products are conflict-free.

Beyond the sphere of business, our community initiatives include the active propagation of educational initiatives to those from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds through the Nirav Modi Foundation.



  • 2013

    OJSC Alrosa

    Firestar Diamond BVBA, Belgium, approved customer of OJSC Alrosa, Russia

  • 2012


    Loose diamond dealing office to 580 Fifth Avenue, NY

  • 2012

    Membership of RJC

    Firestar Diamond BVBA, becomes a member

  • 2010

    Hong Kong Incorporation

    Of Firestar Diamond Limited

  • 2010

    Dubai Incorporation

    Of Firestar Diamond FZE

  • 2010

    NIRAV MODI Launched

    Launched Ultra-luxury diamond jewelry brand

  • 2010

    OJSC Alrosa

    Firestar Diamond LLC, Armenia, approved customer of OJSC Alrosa, Russia

  • 2010

    Polished Diamonds

    Launched division Americas out of Firestar NYC Headquarters

  • 2010

    Armenia Incorporation

    Of Firestar Diamond LLC.

  • 2010

    South Africa Incorporation

    Of Firestar Diamond (Prop.) Ltd.

  • 2009

    Belgium Incorporation

    Of Firestar Diamond BVBA

  • 2007

    US Distribution Expanded

    Through a majority partnership in Sandberg & Sikorski, America's leading vendor to the US Armed Forces and owners of the 120 year old luxury bridal jewelry brand, A.JAFFE

  • 2005

    Private Label

    Acquisition of Frederick Goldman diamond jewelry providing entry to US National Retailers

  • 2001


    Into jewelry manufacturing

  • 1999


    Loose diamond supplier